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Woodcarving and how it began

Wood carving has been a great tradition in Val Gardena for centuries, which has always been passed on by our fathers and grandfathers. So it has developed that Val Gardena became known as the birthplace of wood carving.
Many years ago, woodcarving experts from Val Gardena were often commissioned to create life-size or oversize figures of saints. These were often used to decorate churches. So the carvers were often commissioned to carve an altar with all the accessories. Here, the carver had to decorate everything from the decoration of the altar to the decoration of the different niches with holy figures.
A great tradition for wood carving was developed in Val Gardena and many factory towns were built. These factory cities then passed on this tradition to the next generations.
The factory towns worked for the most part on the construction of larger figures of saints, but this tradition was also carried on in rural life. So also the farmers who sought shelter in their house during the cold season of winter began to make small figures to bridge this season.
So my grandparents told me how in the time of the World War they could not afford food or clothing. This was a very poor and anxious time, here they had to barter for every bit of food, since there was no money.
So my grandpa Richard Salcher makes carvings with great effort to exchange them with a bit of food for the family.
In the 1960s there was a boom and tourists came to the beautiful Val Gardena.
Richard Salcher passed on his artistic talent to his children, and my father followed his vocation as master painter. He developed his own painting technique and specialized as a Gold Leaf painter.
The striking feature of this technique is that the applied 23 carat gold leaf is polished to a high gloss and glows like a real diamond.
Years later, he began making the first models with his grandfather’s ability and founded the now well-known company Salcher Werner SNC.

Richard Salcher when sculpting a St. Michel
Werner Salcher restauring a Pietá
Werner Salcher when decoring
The painting factory
Werner Salcher when he was learning to paint
Degree as Master Painter of Salcher Werner
The Technique of painting Gold Leaf 23 Karat of Werner Salcher
Petra and Werner Salcher when opening the new shop
The young Painters

Types of Wood used for Figures and Cribfigures

For the production of our wood carvings and crib figurines we always use the finest woods that are chosen with care and should be suitable for the respective figure.
We use maple, ash, oak, linden, pine, larch, olive, walnut and cherry wood for the production of our nativity figures and figures.

It's characteristics are:

Maple Wood:

Maple Wood is known as hardwood which is very resistant and very suitable for Carving figures in small sizes. Other characteristics of this type of wood are that it has a very flawless white color with a very light grain.
Crib figures are usually made up to a size of 35cm in maple wood.
For saints and figures of any kind, we also use them up to a size of 48cm.

Ash wood:

Ash wood is like maple wood a hardwood and has a whitish colour. It differs from maple because it has a very distinctive grain.
We use this for our morning star crib in the sizes 15, 20 and 40cm. We also use it on various Madonnas and crosses in different sizes.

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How do I find my Namesake or Patron Saint?

Name patrons or patron saints have always been of great importance, so many celebrate their name day as an important big celebration like their actual birthday. We offer a wide assortment of saints figures here you will surely find the right patron saint for you. But how can I find it in our shop?

We offer you here a large selection of holy figures, Jesus Figures and patron saints which you can buy directly at

The easiest way would be if you know the name of your patron or the saint you are looking for just enter it on our shop in the search bar. Otherwise, you can just try to enter your name in the search line and see what you can find in our shop.

If that doesn’t work then you can get help here. Namesake
Here you can find the exact details of your patron name by simply entering your name in the search field. If there are more patrons that match your name, they are listed here. You will be able to see exactly when their day is celebrated and takes place, what the saint’s name is, and what he has done in his lifetime.

Browse through this page because you will surely find something interesting. If you have problems finding the right one, or it dosen't find your Name please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you.


Restauration of a Krucifix in 180cm

Werner and Edi Salcher after restoring a Jesus Corp

Field cross in larch wood with corpus in oak

This is a very suitable field cross for outdoor use, because here are always used very weatherproof and resistant wood types. For this version we used larch wood for the housing and oak wood for the corpus.
The total height of these is 270cm, whereby the corpus is 66cm high.

Field cross made of larch wood with corpus in oak wood

Edi Salcher with Fieldcross

Wedding favors or welcome gift for marriage, baptism, communion or a small souvenir for any occasion

Welcome gifts are an important custom and a beautiful reminder of your most important days, whether for a communion, a wedding, a confirmation or an important feast. This gives you the opportunity to thank their guests for the presence, the gifts and the beautiful party.
It should be a small thought for your guests who will then remember this beautiful party or wedding. You always get a lot of nice gifts and so it’s also nice to return a little thing to the guests.

Key rings, lucky charms or perhaps a small bouquet of roses are often suitable for the Charmers. With a little imagination you can of course decorate this as here.
Here we had a nice idea to combine a guardian angel with wedding almonds and pack them in an organza bag. Then we decorated them with a plaque with the name and a souvenir of that day with the date and occasion of the celebration. This gift also helps to decorate the table and arrange the seats to be occupied.
Of course, here you can give free rein to your ideas and create an appropriate decoration for your welcome gift.

Here you will find several gift ideas

We wish you a good time in the search for the most appropriate gift ideas
Your Salcher Team

sweet box as Guest Gift for wedding

for the 150th Anniversary of the Declaration of St. Joseph as a Saint of the Universal Church

With the heart of a father: Joseph loved Jesus, who is called “Son of Joseph” in all four Gospels.

Pope Francis: a year dedicated to Saint Joseph for 150 years patron of the universal Church
“ In order to perpetuate the entrustment of the whole Church to the powerful patronage of the Custos of Jesus, Pope Francis has established that, from December 8, 2020, the anniversary of the Decree of Proclamation and day sacred to the Blessed Virgin Immaculate and Bride of the most chaste Joseph, until December 8, 2021, be celebrated a special Year of St. Joseph, in which every believer his example can daily strengthen its life of faith in the full fulfillment of God’s will. ”

“ All the faithful will thus have the opportunity to commit themselves, with prayers and good works, that by the help of St. Joseph, the head of the heavenly family of Nazareth, I might find comfort and comfort. from the grave human tribulations and Social which today gag the contemporary world”, reads more in the text.

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Saint Joseph with Child and craftsman