Company profile

The company Werner Salcher produces high quality Val Gardena wood carvings of decorative and sacred art, as well as crib figurines.

In our workshop we are inspired by traditional themes and we are at the same time innovative and creative. Richard Salcher, a very well-renowned wood sculptor, assists us with his skill and experience in the wood carving art. Only the very finest Linden-tree, Maple and Cembra pine trees are used for our carving work.

The lovers of painted sculptures can surely see, that a master of the subject, Mr. Werner Salcher, by profession painter master and head of the company, grants the very best execution of paintings.

*We attach great importance to the fact that you know, that our wood carvings are made in limited edition only. *

Wood carvings have, due to their high quality and singularity not only a lasting, but also a rising value.

How is a sculpture carved?