The Nativity manual

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It is very important to find a suitable and tasty crib so that you will enjoy them for a lifetime.

When choosing a crib, it is important to start first to choose the desired style, which suits you best. If it is a traditional style, we recommend the Bethlehem Nativity, if you prefer something oriental then the Salcher Nativity is perhaps more suitable for your needs. If you have a modern taste and a more modern apartment and Living room, then the Morgensterncrib might fit better in your taste.

If the series of cribs is selected, a suitable stable is required. Here it is certainly advantageous, if you already have an idea where the crib should be displayed. Suitable places to place their crib at Christmas time are on a niche in their living room, as well as directly under their Christmas tree.
Therefore, it is important to choose a stable that fits your selected series of cribs and here you can immediately see which size fits best for your living space. When selecting the crib, you will see the real size of the stall as well as the appropriate size of the nativity figures.

Now you only have to choose the colors of the nativity figures, if you prefer to have them natural and colorless so “natural” is the right version for you. If you prefer to have them painted with a discreet colour, the “Watcolored” or “stained” are the right colours for you. Or if you prefer to stay traditional and classic, the “colored” painting will suit you. Pictures of these colours and finishes can also be found at the respective families.

The crib animals can always be mixed with the different crib series, so that here you only have to choose the approximately same size and color as your selected crib series.

In general, all figures of the nativity scene series are not given in the real size, but always corresponding to this series and size. The crib figure sizes always refer to the standing crib figures of a series, so the suitable child Jesus for the crib with Joseph with a height of 10cm is also described with 10cm, even if this is of course much smaller. So it is, then for all kneeling shepherds, children, animals, etc. . .

If you would like to install a lighting in the crib or would like to decorate the crib additionally, please contact us and we will help you further.

Now you can easily put together a crib suitable for the Christmas time with stable, family, kings, animals, shepherds etc. You can then expand them a little every year, so that you will always have fun and joy in collecting and can look forward to setting them up again every year.

If you need advice, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to helping you further.
Your Salcher team

Morning star rustic

Setting up the nativity scene and Christmas Crib scenes

If you have now found a suitable place for your crib and nativity figures, we come to the actually right place to position the crib.
Here the question arises, is there even a correct instruction for setting up a nativity scene?
The nativity scene has to be reconstructed according to the Gospel of Luke in order to be able to teach the children in an entertaining way how the process is explained in the history books. Or should it just be a nice Christmas decoration at Christmas time.

In any case, the question arises for the first time, where is it best to set up the crib?
In many cases, the crib is placed near the Christmas tree to form a harmonious Christmas corner.
Here you may also have a suitable niche, pedestal or table where you can set them up. Otherwise, it is often appropriate to set up the complete crib at the bottom of the Christmas tree. For this purpose, the crib size should not be chosen too small, so that the crib figures stand out really beautifully.

If you have chosen the place to place your nativity scene, you can now start with the setting up of the nativity scenes and here you should proceed as follows.
The central and most important point of a Christmas crib is always the Child Jesus, so it should be displayed in the middle of the crib as first.
From the viewer’s left, Mary is placed, who in general likes to look at the Child Jesus to represent the security of the Mother.
From the viewer on the right, St. Joseph placed in the immediate vicinity of the Child Jesus. He often has a lantern in his hand to give light to the family.
Next to the Child Jesus only ox and donkey are placed, no shepherds, Animals etc.
Here is the donkey on the left side which should be slightly bent over the Child Jesus, as it has the task of warming the child with its warm breath. To the right of the donkey is also the ox.
So the most important central point of the nativity scene is complete and forms a beautiful atmosphere in the nativity scene.
Now come also the St. Three kings, Caspar, Melchior, and Belthazar, they are placed on the right side of the viewer.
The shepherds, children of shepherds, etc. are usually placed mainly on the left side of the viewer. You can also put these on the edge of the crib, so that the Christmas cribs get a little bigger. Of course, you can also build them on the right or behind the kings if necessary.
Now the crib is completed with the sheeps, which should generally be placed mainly around their shepherd, so that they form a beautiful flock. Other animals, which are still used to decorate the nativity scene, can then be set up anywhere, so that it makes the nativity scene a little more exciting.
Then it goes on with the angel of glory who usually welcomes the child Jesus from the roof of the crib and thus the crib would also be complete.

You can then expand them a little each year, so that you can enjoy to set up and change them every year. Because our crib series are very large and are constantly being expanded. If you browse through our nativity figures, you will find e. g. at the Bethlehem Nativity a large selection of nativity figures in wood. Crib animals of other series can also be mixed as desired. So it is only important to choose the right size here. Here you have still to refer to the height of the Josefs from head to toe, than the figurines are still in the right Proportion.

We wish you much joy in setting up your Christmas crib.
Your Salcher team:-)