The Nativity manual


It is very important to find a suitable and tasteful crib so that you will enjoy them for a lifetime.

When choosing a crib, it is important to start first to choose the desired style, which suits you best. If it is a traditional style, we recommend the Bethlehem Nativity, if you prefer something oriental then the Salcher Nativity is perhaps more suitable for your needs. If you have a modern taste and a more modern apartment and Living room, then the Morgensternkrib might fit better in your taste.

If the series of cribs is selected, a suitable crib is required. Then it is important to choose a stable that fits your selected series of cribs and here you can see immediately which size fits best in the appropriated space you would like to place it. When selecting the stable, you will see the real size of the stable and as well the appropriate size of the nativity figures.

Now you only have to choose the colors of the nativity figures, if you prefer to have them natural and colorless so “nature” is the right version for you. If you prefer to have them painted with a discreet colour, the “Watcolored” or “stained” will be the right colours for you. Or if you prefer to stay traditional and classic, the “color” painting will suit you best.

The crib animals can always be mixed with the different crib series, so that here you only have to choose the approximately same size and color as your selected crib series.

Now you can easily combine a crib suitable for you with stable, family, kings, animals, shepherds, etc. You can then expand and collect every year some peaces, so that you will always have fun and joy in collecting and can look forward to setting them up again every year.

If you need advice, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you further.
Your Salcher team