Sacred art - Statues made to order

A special offer we have, is wood carvings according to specification by our customers.
You have seen our beautiful pieces of art. And you feel, that you think to have carved something, that comes out of your innermost imagination.
Under headline, “single-unit production” you can only see pictures, which – as you see them, may never ever be carved in wood.
We just wish to induce every lo … read more >>ver of wood carvings, but far from bringing our own ideas to life.
It may be a little sculpture, that you wish to have. It can be a life-size sculpture. But always and ever, it must be “yours”.
You speak with us and we gladly answer all your questions.
To watch our artist at work, you can, if you scroll down on the left-hand side to the word “In unseren Werkstätten”. Every detail you can see in its full beauty and you can only respectfully admire the artist for his unique master piece.

Sculpture hand carved

Barrel painting and gilding


Richard Salcher when sculpting a St. Michel

Saint Joseph with Guild

Saint Joseph was a carpenter, and as it is tradition for craftsmen, he belonged to a guild. Today, as before, is Saint Joseph the Patron Saint of carpenters and masons. Every firm, that has specialised on carpentry, can be proud and happy to have this Parton Saint watching over the enterprise. It is a wonderful gift when you found a firm, for Jubilees and für Masters of this profession.

Saint Mary

Mother of God, Saint Mary, Virgin Mary, so many names, but one image only. A young maiden, that had been chosen and who accepted everything.
May be you have an imagination of this woman Mary or Mirijam as her true Jewish name was. Something that you see only in your heart and soul. And now you would like to have sculpture carved by an artist, something that expresses all that you feel. Speak with us about it. We can fulfill your wish.

Risen Christ

Wood carving made to specification of the Risen Christ, hand carved single piece sculpture made to order.


Jesus is seen in many expressions. As the tortured Jesus, as the Risen Christ, as the Jesus that embraces us with arms wide open Every human being has in its own belief a picture of his own. This imagination you can describe and we carve in findest wood a Sculpture of Jesus for you alone.

Saint Mary with children

Who, if not the Mother of God, is the most beautiful image for mother and child. You can have the Mother of God carved, with children under her protection, wholly to your own idees, perhaps with the features of your own mother, or of the mother of your children. Every Chappel dedicated to Saint Mary wins with a special sculpture made to order of the Mother of God with children.

Risen Christ

Exemple for the Risen Christ, hand carved sculpture made to specification,
Riesen Christ.

Jesus with children

Allow the children to come to me, who, does not know these words, spoken by Jesus. And you may have for a long time an idea of exactly this: Jesus and children. You work in an Orphan's home, in a youth custody centre, as street worker and you think, that, when children find back to Jesus everything will end well. This statue, Jesus with children, can express everything, that we can say about Jesus and people.

Holy Family

Holy Family, here according to your imagination, possibly having the features of your family members. Speak with us about everything. We advise you and we have artist that can transform your idees into a group sculpture.

Barrel painting and gilding

In the workshop you see the work of the painter who paints or gilds sculptures on request.
The garments of the two Saints on the right make us think that they are made of real fabric,
For long weeks an artist works on a statue until every detail is as it should be.

Statues carved in finest wood, some customers wish to buy them in authentic garments of a priest or the Mother of God. Here we need an artist as special as the sculpturer is. Every detail must be correct, only then the statue makes you believe, that it is almost dressed in real fabric of finest quality.



Your precious statues can be looked at, restored and assessed. Our artists are in the position to build up sculptures in a way, that they gain their former beauty again.
Fix an appointment and bring your statues to us. Photographs alone cannot tell, what we have to speak about.
Kindly use our contact link at our website:

We restore your object of art in a way, that they can be seen in their former beauty. We give you our promise on that. Broken pieces are built up again. We can gild for you in gold leaf or in Poliment gilding.
We do not restore paintings.

Restoration of a Pietà

Restaurierug einer Pietà