FAQ - Offen Questions

Which materials are your products made of?

“Salcher art handicraft” We manufacture our entire range of arts and crafts from regional wood.
For our woodcarvings we use precious wood such as maple, lime, pine, ash, oak and walnut. We do not make any plastic figures, polyresin figures and resin figurines.

How is a sculpture being made?

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What are the prerequisites to sell Salcher articles?

For retailers: Export to industrial clients who have a VAT-number: If you operate a business with a tax identification number and you have a valid VAT-number, you can principally import our wood carvings at net price (excluded Italian VAT).
In order to scrutinize your company details we need by fax, business letter or via
e-mail your business registration / full address and your TAX-identification number.

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Do you carve sculptures to specification at request?

You can acquire on request single wood-carvings, special sizes and special versions of our collection. Please ask for our quotation.

How does one clean wooden items?

Wooden figures should be dusted off with a dry cloth only. Under no circumstances should detergents, water and wet cloth be used.

Are wooden figures weather-resistant?

Wooden figures should not be placed outdoors without shelter and without weather protection paint. Wooden figures for outdoors require special processing.

For further questions please contact us at any time.

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