Production and export of wood carvings and crib figurines from Val Gardena - South Tyrol - Salcher

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We are at home in Ortisei, in the valley of Val Gardena which is located in beautiful South Tyrol. In our mountains we have much snow from October to April. As it was too dangerous for the people here to work outdoors in Winter, our men bridged the Winter season and began to carve wood. In the course of time they carved toys for their children, altars for churches, sculptures of saints and also cribs for Christmas.
Nowadays our wood carving artists concentrate mainly on statues to decorate our private surroundings. Thus, with time, a unique form of wood carving has developed. To this end it was very helpful, that in our region grow precious kinds of trees – and this was and is the dominant prerequisite for our valuable wood carvings.

The attachment to religion and tradition has induced people to carve wayside crosses and to embellish the family altar in their houses with wood carved embodiments of the Crucified. During Christmas season there was not only the Christmas tree in the living room, but also a crib. Nearly each year a figurine was added and after generations, each family member still could tell, who had carved an individual sculpture of the Holy Family and animals. Skiers and tourists, who visited our homeland, began to admire and love our wood carvings, and to take sculptures home to their countries. And today you can find our sculptures world-wide. But still we work in limited edition and we use exclusively high-quality woods for our carving art here.
The singularity of our sculptures gives to our work a lasting and rising value. We are always ready to correspond to your wishes and it is our pleasure to carve special sculptures according to your ideas.

How is a sculpture carved?


for the 150th Anniversary of the Declaration of St. Joseph as a Saint of the Universal Church

With the heart of a father: Joseph loved Jesus, who is called “Son of Joseph” in all four Gospels.

Pope Francis: a year dedicated to Saint Joseph for 150 years patron of the universal Church
“ In order to perpetuate the entrustment of the whole Church to the powerful patronage of the Custos of Jesus, Pope Francis has established that, from December 8, 2020, the anniversary of the Decree of Proclamation and day sacred to the Blessed Virgin Immaculate and Bride of the most chaste Joseph, until December 8, 2021, be celebrated a special Year of St. Joseph, in which every believer his example can daily strengthen its life of faith in the full fulfillment of God’s will. ”

“ All the faithful will thus have the opportunity to commit themselves, with prayers and good works, that by the help of St. Joseph, the head of the heavenly family of Nazareth, I might find comfort and comfort. from the grave human tribulations and Social which today gag the contemporary world”, reads more in the text.

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Saint Joseph with Child and craftsman
Saint Joseph with Child and craftsman