Profane Statues - Folk Art wooden Sculpture val gardena - Zodiac signs

Many people are very devout to the celestial image and interpretation of the stars.
Every human is assigned to a star sign depending on the days of the year in which he was born. Accordingly, there is for each sign of the zodiac on each day a different star image that is interpreted and on the basis of this image is interpreted to each sign of the zodiac a daily routine which could be good or worse.

G1906 - zodiac sign fish

N° G1906

zodiac sign fish

37,58 EUR
G1912 - Zodiac sign Virgin

N° G1912

Zodiac sign Virgin

37,58 EUR
G1905 - Zodiac sign Crab

N° G1905

Zodiac sign Crab

37,58 EUR
G1904 - Zodiac sign Lion

N° G1904

Zodiac sign Lion

37,58 EUR
G1910 - Zodiac sign Saggitarius

N° G1910

Zodiac sign Saggitarius

37,58 EUR
G1908 - Zodiac sign Scorpion

N° G1908

Zodiac sign Scorpion

37,58 EUR
G1903 - zodiac sign Capricorn

N° G1903

zodiac sign Capricorn

37,58 EUR
G1901 - Zodiac sign Taurus

N° G1901

Zodiac sign Taurus

37,58 EUR
G1909 - Zodiac sign Libra

N° G1909

Zodiac sign Libra

37,58 EUR
G1907 - zodiac sign Aquarius

N° G1907

zodiac sign Aquarius

37,58 EUR
G1902 - Zodiac sign Ram

N° G1902

Zodiac sign Ram

37,58 EUR
G1911 - zodiac sign Twins

N° G1911

zodiac sign Twins

37,58 EUR