Profane Statues - Folk Art wooden Sculpture val gardena - Sports

Sport is an important part of life, because it helps us stay healthy and fit. Of course, many would do more sports at a young age and less with time. Here we have some nice recreated figures of sports activities like skiing, racing, bowling, snowboarding, touring, sledding, climbing. . . etc. These are also nostalgic but always very sympathetic and appealing.

4005 - Curling player

N° 4005

Curling player

57,58 EUR
4006 - Stand trophy Curling Player

N° 4006

Stand trophy Curling Player

72,22 EUR
G1532 - Biathlet

N° G1532


63,32 EUR
G1519 - Kurling player

N° G1519

Kurling player

82,11 EUR
KD1138 - Climber

N° KD1138


90,77 EUR
KD1138B - Climber with mountain

N° KD1138B

Climber with mountain

175,19 EUR
KD1139 - Climber woman

N° KD1139

Climber woman

90,77 EUR
KD1139B - Climber woman with mountain

N° KD1139B

Climber woman with mountain

175,19 EUR
G1530 - Cross Country Skier

N° G1530

Cross Country Skier

75,40 EUR
G1524 - Nostalgic Golfplayer with Golfbag

N° G1524

Nostalgic Golfplayer with Golfbag

55,51 EUR
G1527 - Nostalgic Skier men

N° G1527

Nostalgic Skier men

50,75 EUR
G1514 - Nostalgic Skier

N° G1514

Nostalgic Skier

71,86 EUR
G1528 - Nostalgic Skier Lady

N° G1528

Nostalgic Skier Lady

50,75 EUR
G1515 - Nostalgic Skierin

N° G1515

Nostalgic Skierin

71,86 EUR
G1520 - Sportsmen on sledge

N° G1520

Sportsmen on sledge

42,21 EUR
KD1135 - Skier (Male)

N° KD1135

Skier (Male)

39,16 EUR
G1522 - Skier Boy

N° G1522

Skier Boy

24,52 EUR
KD1137 - Skier (child)

N° KD1137

Skier (child)

26,47 EUR
KD1136 - Skier (female)

N° KD1136

Skier (female)

39,16 EUR
G1521 - Skier Girl

N° G1521

Skier Girl

24,52 EUR
G1531 - Snowboarder

N° G1531


26,60 EUR
G1533 - Tourskier going upwarts

N° G1533

Tourskier going upwarts

77,71 EUR