Profane Statues - Folk Art wooden Sculpture val gardena - Luster - lighting element

A chandelier is a lighting element or decoration that hangs from the ceiling. Chandeliers are often used in accentuated halls, but also in private households for representative purposes. Originally these were intended to be fitted with candles.
Here you will find different chandeliers with hunter, landlord, landlady or woman with grape that will decorate your living room beautifully.

G1715 - Luster Women with pigeon

N° G1715

Luster Women with pigeon

643,79 EUR
G1716 - Luster Hunter

N° G1716

Luster Hunter

643,79 EUR
KD9270 - Host

N° KD9270


555,10 EUR
KD9280 - Landlady

N° KD9280


555,10 EUR