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The Morisce Dance is a stage dance of the late Middle Ages and the early modern period, whose spread can be traced back to the 15th century. Century within the courtly Renaissance culture can be traced back. Beyond its significance in the history of theatre, dance and music, Morisce dance is also of interest to folklore. This dance, which is particularly popular in the courtly Renaissance culture of Italy, is characterized by various characteristic jumps and body twists. Dancing it requires a certain acrobatic skill, which is why a wide variety of traditional actors such as jugglers used to specialize in it. The hopping and jumping of the jesters and acrobats in films about the Middle Ages is probably based on ideas about this dance.
The Morisk dance probably required a number of character actors in various roles. A total of 16 figures were to represent the entire medieval population spectrum. For example, a distinction is made between “peasant,” “lady,” “young man ready for marriage,” and so on. The popularity of the Morisco dance is shown in the wood carved Morisco dancers. The Morisken Dance is still cultivated in many places today, and among others by groups in Munich, Kaltenberg, Korcula and during the Landshut wedding.

KD9105 - Dancer the tailor

N° KD9105

Dancer the tailor

88,69 EUR
KD9109 - Dancer the smart

N° KD9109

Dancer the smart

88,69 EUR
KD9106 - Dancer the insolent

N° KD9106

Dancer the insolent

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KD9103 - Dancer the youngster

N° KD9103

Dancer the youngster

88,69 EUR
KD9102 - Dancer the moor

N° KD9102

Dancer the moor

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KD9107 - Dancet the oriental

N° KD9107

Dancet the oriental

88,69 EUR
KD9104 - Dancer the prophet

N° KD9104

Dancer the prophet

88,69 EUR
KD9100 - Dancer the tailor

N° KD9100

Dancer the tailor

88,69 EUR
KD9108 - Dancer the astute

N° KD9108

Dancer the astute

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KD9101 - Dancer the magician

N° KD9101

Dancer the magician

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KD9300 - Till with owl

N° KD9300

Till with owl

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