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The Morisce Dance is a stage dance of the late Middle Ages and the early modern period, whose spread can be traced back to the 15th century.

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KD9105 - Dancer the tailor

N° KD9105

Dancer the tailor

112,73 EUR
KD9109 - Dancer the smart

N° KD9109

Dancer the smart

112,73 EUR
KD9106 - Dancer the insolent

N° KD9106

Dancer the insolent

112,73 EUR
KD9103 - Dancer the youngster

N° KD9103

Dancer the youngster

112,73 EUR
KD9102 - Dancer the moor

N° KD9102

Dancer the moor

112,73 EUR
KD9107 - Dancet the oriental

N° KD9107

Dancet the oriental

112,73 EUR
KD9104 - Dancer the prophet

N° KD9104

Dancer the prophet

112,73 EUR
KD9100 - Dancer the tailor

N° KD9100

Dancer the tailor

112,73 EUR
KD9108 - Dancer the astute

N° KD9108

Dancer the astute

112,73 EUR
KD9101 - Dancer the magician

N° KD9101

Dancer the magician

112,73 EUR
KD9300 - Morisc Dancer - Till with owl

N° KD9300

Morisc Dancer - Till with owl

233,51 EUR