other Christmas Nativity series and accessories - Peace nativity crib in wood

The Peace nativity set is a traditional crib of the Val Gardena.
Carved in the middle of the Dolomites from our masters of woodwork and painted from our best masters of hand Painting.

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KD1631S - Shed

N° KD1631S

Shed "Sella" with 13 figures

672,34 EUR
KD1631F - Shed

N° KD1631F

Shed "Sella" with holy family, ox and donkey

410,65 EUR
KD1630S - Peace Nativity scene set with 14 figures and shed

N° KD1630S

Peace Nativity scene set with 14 figures and shed

767,26 EUR
KD1550FA - Holy family of the peace nativity set

N° KD1550FA

Holy family of the peace nativity set

70,88 EUR
KD1550KÖ - Three Kings

N° KD1550KÖ

Three Kings

79,91 EUR
KD155001 - Mary

N° KD155001


22,45 EUR
KD155002 - Joseph

N° KD155002


26,72 EUR
KD155003 - Jesus child

N° KD155003

Jesus child

22,45 EUR
KD155004 - Genuflected king

N° KD155004

Genuflected king

26,72 EUR
KD155005 - King white

N° KD155005

King white

26,72 EUR
KD155006 - King moor

N° KD155006

King moor

26,72 EUR
KD155007 - Ox

N° KD155007


26,72 EUR
KD155008 - Donkey

N° KD155008


26,72 EUR
KD155028 - Gloria Angel

N° KD155028

Gloria Angel

26,72 EUR
KD155009 - Herdsman with sheep

N° KD155009

Herdsman with sheep

26,72 EUR
KD155010 - Herdsman with staff

N° KD155010

Herdsman with staff

26,72 EUR
KD155011 - Herdsman with bagpipe

N° KD155011

Herdsman with bagpipe

26,72 EUR
KD155012 - Herdsman with hen

N° KD155012

Herdsman with hen

26,72 EUR
KD155013 - Herdsman with flute and sheep

N° KD155013

Herdsman with flute and sheep

26,72 EUR
KD155014 - Herds-woman with goose

N° KD155014

Herds-woman with goose

26,72 EUR
KD155015 - Herdsman without fire

N° KD155015

Herdsman without fire

26,72 EUR
KD155016 - Herdsman with lamb

N° KD155016

Herdsman with lamb

26,72 EUR
KD155036 - Herds-woman with child

N° KD155036

Herds-woman with child

26,72 EUR
KD155037 - Herds-woman with boy

N° KD155037

Herds-woman with boy

26,72 EUR
KD155045 - Lying shepherd

N° KD155045

Lying shepherd

26,72 EUR
KD155029 - Beater

N° KD155029


26,72 EUR
KD155030 - Fire

N° KD155030


7,56 EUR
KD155031 - Herdsman with fire

N° KD155031

Herdsman with fire

34,16 EUR
KD155032 - Fountain

N° KD155032


26,72 EUR
KD155033 - Komet

N° KD155033


10,61 EUR