Look in Detail how well this sculpturs are done, you could imagine that they are real.

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4342 - Eagle

N° 4342


18,30 EUR
G1131 - Eagle straight up

N° G1131

Eagle straight up

26,60 EUR
G1132 - Eagle simple

N° G1132

Eagle simple

15,37 EUR
G1130 - Eagle with wide open wings

N° G1130

Eagle with wide open wings

47,34 EUR
4341 - Bear

N° 4341


14,64 EUR
G1377 - Bear walking

N° G1377

Bear walking

75,64 EUR
G1375 - Bear sitting in pine

N° G1375

Bear sitting in pine

95,16 EUR
G1071 - Baerbaby

N° G1071


8,30 EUR
43421 - Trunk tree with Eagle

N° 43421

Trunk tree with Eagle

28,06 EUR
43031 - Trunk with Marmot

N° 43031

Trunk with Marmot

21,96 EUR
G1015 - Bernersenn

N° G1015


10,98 EUR
G1013 - Dog St. Bernhard

N° G1013

Dog St. Bernhard

10,98 EUR
G1019 - Black & White

N° G1019

Black & White

13,66 EUR
G1028 - Bobtail

N° G1028


15,86 EUR
G1017 - Cocker

N° G1017


11,96 EUR
G1016 - Cocker baby

N° G1016

Cocker baby

12,44 EUR
G1014 - Collie

N° G1014


14,88 EUR
G1026 - Dachsdog sitting

N° G1026

Dachsdog sitting

7,56 EUR
G1027 - Dachsdogcouple

N° G1027


18,06 EUR
G1049 - Wisdom monkeys

N° G1049

Wisdom monkeys

28,30 EUR
4333 - Squirrel

N° 4333


15,37 EUR
G1110 - Unicorn

N° G1110


38,55 EUR
G1139 - Elk standing

N° G1139

Elk standing

18,30 EUR
G1097 - Elephant sitting

N° G1097

Elephant sitting

17,81 EUR
G1046 - Owl on a book

N° G1046

Owl on a book

11,71 EUR
G1044 - Owl on book with feather

N° G1044

Owl on book with feather

38,55 EUR
G1043 - Owl on books

N° G1043

Owl on books

38,55 EUR
KD1723 - Owl of old wood left

N° KD1723

Owl of old wood left

31,72 EUR
KD1724 - Owl of old wood right

N° KD1724

Owl of old wood right

31,72 EUR
KD1725 - Owls of old wood hanging

N° KD1725

Owls of old wood hanging

122,49 EUR

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